Our Principle


• We aim to find the optimal point where incremental benefit doesn’t justify additional cost

• You are not going to win a UI design contest

• You are not going to get a 400 page consulting report with 22 scenarios

• What you will have is, with a minimum of investment, a well validated product and meaningful data to get you to the next phase.




We have strong in house UX capabilities and an extensive network of designers that cover all UI designs preferences.

Testing is in our DNA. We believe prototypes are fundamental to test, learn, and improve.



We work with cutting edge technologies but mature enough to have a significant community, continuity and best practices that allow us to focus on your needs and not on the technology.

For example to develop Apps we use ReactNative from Facebook that allow us to develop native apps for IOs and Android with only one code.



Our discipline appraoch to design and development allows us high productivity, transparency and easy collaboration with your teams

We are relentless in keeping our costs low while helping you to refine the idea, making better code that is easy to maintain and scale.


New App development

Development Process

1. Required: Business Baseline Understanding

- Product Market Understanding
- User Understanding
- Early Adopters Identified
- Development Prioritized

2. Paper Prototype

Develop a clickable prototype based on paper drawings.

3. Friends & Family Testing

Using the paper prototype, test the App with Friends, Family and Investors.

4. User Experience (UX) Design

Understand how the user will engage with the App to optimize usability, ease of use and satisfaction.

5. User Interface (UI) Design

Design the look and feel to achieve an attractive, guiding and responsive experience.

6. Formal Prototype with Prospective Customers Testing

Using Adobe XD or Sketch develop a prototype to be client tested.

7. Development Phases

Breakdown the coding effort into meaningful early adopter blocks, to start testing, while finalizing other phases.

8. Tripl3Platform

Develop with React and ReactNative for iOS, Android and Web using the Agile methodology

9. Documentation

Include complete documentation and support during transition so your team can take over the codebase an any moment

10. Maintenance

Dedicated or semidedicated teams to maintain your software

Your life will be much easier


Save Money

Not only you will launch a more evolved product, with three platforms in place, you will also save up to 50% in development and 40% in maintenance.


Save Time

No need to launch iOS first, then Web, then Android. Deliver them all at the same time. Learn and test enough to have a mature first version.


For Developers

Ruby on Rails and Javascript, only one platform to test and develop. World-class documentation and code standards.

Some Customers

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Success Stories

hp logo

We created an online polling system oriented to subscribers that have requested recycling of ink cartridges. In parallel, we developed an Email Marketing engine for those subscribers. In the first 6 months we received more than 1,500 comments from the survey, highlighting possible growth areas for HP.

yamaha logo

We created an online tool for each salesperson, and a loyalty program including dynamic point accumulation/redemption and reporting tools. The solution increased salesperson loyalty to the brand, improved management decision-making, and grew revenue in traditionally low-sales months.

etag logo

We created a platform to manage tire audits using RFID technology. The solution consists of 2 mobile applications and a web module that offered different functionalities, as well as accesses in different environments. In 2016, it was recognized by INADEM as a high impact project.


We met at Harvard Business School. Our passion throughout our careers has always been innovation and entrepreneurship, primarily linked to technology.
EvolutionCode is the result of our combined experience. Our successes and failures over the years have shaped our mission to save entrepreneurs from failure through code.
founder Andres Duarte

Andres Duarte


Entrepreneur, senior executive, with experience in strategy and general management

Leonel Azuela


Entrepreneur, business leader, loyalty marketeer, numbers person, passion for tech, highly competitive.

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